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During last few active years in Research industry I've been working with people around the globe and here is a glimpse of it..

I have worked as an Artificial Intellgent Research under Dr. Amit Mehndiratta's guidance from 2019 June till May 2022 on various projects such as tracking the progression of chemotheraphy on oestrocroma at Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.


In the time of COVID-19, I recieved a golden opportunity to work under valuable guidance of Dr. Indrajit Saha at project "In Silico Analysis of 10000 Genomic Sequences of COVID-19 around the World including India to Identify Genetic Variability and potential Molecular Targets in Virus and Human" virtually contrinuting to the research on various factor of COVID-19. So, contributing in Fight Against COVID.


CVM Lab.png

As of now, I'm currently working with Dr. Yan Yan, in his Computer Vision and Multimedia Laboratory at Illinois Institute of Technology on various computer vision based projects. An update will be shared soon on the progress made in different fields. Stay Tuned.

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